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JC Penny

JC Penny

About the project

This was a two fold engagement. Our first engagement was a deep-dive effort to better understand and enhance the JCP’s coupon experience. Coupons and Discounts are integral to the entire experience for the customer. We identified that coupons had a major impact on landing pages, product detail pages, and in cart.

Our next effort focused on exploring and modernizing the checkout process. Much of JCP’s current traffic starts on mobile or tablet but ultimately makes its way to the desktop. JCP wanted to explore refinements to their checkout process that had a mobile first approach. JCP is known by their customer base for their deep discounts and coupon experience. We moved forward by attempting to simplify new and member checkout experiences by creating a more “app" like feel. Mimicking popular Progressive Web App designs and functionalities to create dynamic mobile experience.


I was a UX Designer in a team of 4 in our first engagement and then 2 designers in our second. We worked closely with JCP’s own UX, UI and User Testing teams.


Sketch + Invision

JCP Coupon.png

Coupon in Cart

My focus was to work on the coupon experience in the cart. The idea was to bring a little “fun” and possibly animation to the experience.

The intention was to create a guided “wizard” that took the guess work out of picking a coupon. JCP runs multiple coupons simultaneously and some coupon might provide a better discount depending on the items in the cart as only one coupon can be applied at a time. This coupon finder would “do the math” for the user and present them with the best coupon.

Dribbble -dark-.png


We created a prototype using Sketch + Invision to user test the entire checkout flow from shipment to order completion.

JC Penny offers a vast array of products to their customers with multiple shipping and delivery options. We tested for complex scenarios involving ship-to-store, in-store-pickup, and freight delivery.

These complex scenarios each came with their own restrictions. Grouping and presenting information in a manner that made the user confident when and how their order would be delivered or picked up.


Main takeaway

Creating a simple and cohesive checkout experience is one of the best ways to guarantee customer conversion. For the checkout process to minimize the questions and concerns the user has you must reassure customers on coupons, shipping, payment, delivery date and give them the ability to to view all their order details anytime throught the process.